Yesterday was my two month anniversary of living in Los Angeles. The two months have flown, and yet it seems to have taken forever. It’s a weird feeling. I feel much more comfortable here. I love my apartment, slowly it’s coming together. I have a sofa, table and chairs thanks to some good friends. I have met some really fabulous people through my two months here. I am learning a lot about myself. I have always thought I was independent, but my independence is far greater than I ever imagined, and I am stronger than I ever thought. I know, especially now I can put my mind to anything and accomplish my goals. Even with the move here, I knew it would happen, it just took a hell of a long time to get here.

In the span of two months, I have seen who my true friends are back east, and who can’t return a call since I have been here. I know who is supporting me, and who is full of shit. I miss New York some days, and others I think I am so glad I am out of there. The sun shines most days here. I don’t think I could deal with the cold one more day in NYC.  I rarely have missed my very good friends mainly because I talk to them all the time either AIM, Facebook, text, email, twitter, or phone calls. I feel like I am always in connection. I do miss some traditions I had in New York, like Wednesday Happy Hour, but I seem to have found a Wednesday Happy Hour group here as well. It’s just different.

In the past two months there has been some fighting between my mom and I, but overall it has simmered to almost none existent.  I speak to her almost daily, which is more than I spoke to her in NY. She might come visit the week of Thanksgiving if flights come down, but if not regardless I am going to visit NY/NJ for 2 weeks end of December.

I am so happy I made this monumental move here. Now that I am officially living my dream,  I know I would have without a doubt regretted not trying it out. In my heart of hearts I know I am not coming back to New York/New Jersey to live. I love Los Angeles, and will be here for a long time to come if not forever.  I think I have adjusted quickly despite not knowing many people when I first moved here. I am very thankful for all the fabulous people I have met during my time here. I am thankful for them including me in their activities, welcoming me into their lives, and to LA, and thankful I can truly say I have great friends here after only two months.

As they say, the best is yet to come.  I am very ready to see where the new adventure takes me.