Today is my 351st day in Los Angeles. It’s been nearly a year. I can’t believe how fast it has gone. I still find hard to believe I made the leap, and am living my dream. I spent my entire life California dreaming! It took everything I had in me to leave everything I have ever known. I still can’t believe I did it. I do miss home now and again but overall I have never been happier. I miss my mom the most. I would like nothing more than for her to move here.  I am still being positive that one day that could happen.

Now that I have been here nearly a year I can really see how much courage it took to make this move. I can see the scarifies I made.  The life I left behind. I am proud of myself for doing something I have always dreamed about. I am proud I didn’t just think about it. I knew it was something I would always regret. I know if I didn’t move I would always wonder what if. I was starting to get to the point of acceptance, acceptance of not living my dream. Thankfully that all changed when I visited LA Feb 2008. That visited changed the course of my life. From then on I was going to move here to matter what. Something was drawing me out here. I was not about to let that feeling pass me by. I am so proud of myself for doing it.

I have thought now and again could I move back. I think I have made my dream a reality, but do I need to stay here the rest of my life?  Then I realize as much as I do miss my mom and friends this is my new life. This is where I belong. I may not live in Los Angeles forever. This much I do know, I am not moving back east any time soon. I would be lying if I have not thought about it on and off, but truth be told I could not do it. I can’t handle another winter. I can’t deal with the cold rainy days. I do miss the heat of the summer and the fun summer days. I miss the fall when the leaves change color. I miss NYC. I miss the speed. The culture of Manhattan. I miss Central Park. I miss the subways. I miss Welcome to the Johnsons.  I do miss it all, but California is my home. As much as it’s hard for me to believe I live here most of the time, I do.

I am proud, excited and happy to call California my home.