I have lived in Los Angeles 3 years today. It seems like only two years, the last year literally flew. I feel like it was the fastest year I ever have lived through. Hard to believe the year has passed.

Last year’s anniversary of my move blog post I reflected on everything that had happened since I moved, I don’t feel the need to do that this year. While a lot of things have changed, many still stay the same.  I have a newer BMW. I have another kitten. I have moved to Culver City. I am jobless again. But most importantly, I am engaged to marry my love in less than 3 months!

Three years is such long time. I have made such wonderful friends here, two of which are in my wedding party, but at a small cost. I am not as close to some friends back east.  I can’t see them all the time, and when I am home I have to decide who I want to see, who I have time to see, and who will have to wait until next trip. Some friends where never really good friends since I have not seen them since I moved. Friendships are bound to change with distance but still it’s hard to deal with at times. A friend I have had since I was around 21, is getting married. I have known her for over 10 years, we used to be inseparable.  She would stay over my mom’s all the time, many times my mom didn’t know she was there and called her the phantom. Her wedding is in Sept. Just 4 weeks before mine, and I am saddened that we are not able to attend her wedding. It breaks my heart that I won’t be able to be home for such an important moment in her life. I know moving away was my decision, it was my choice to move, and follow my dreams, but still saddens me when I miss important things.

As time goes on, NJ/NY seems further away, I am still over joyed, and thankful I finally had the guts to make the move I have dreamed about my entire life. There are so many times I think how my life would be if I never moved. I would still be living in the Upper East Side by myself, serial dating, working (most likely), living pretty much the same life I had been living. I know that life was not meant to continue through my 30’s.

Each year I live here seems to get easier as I become more settled. The first year was the hardest thing I could ever thought I would live through. I was so lonely, homesick, but determined to make it in LA at least a year. The second year was so much easier. I found wonderful friends, my future husband, and finally know my way around (somewhat).

Can’t wait to see where year 4 leads! I know amazing things are around the corner especially since I am getting married to my best friend in just 73 days!