Today the move is 41 days away, and I have officially starting freaking out. I began calling airlines this afternoon to get all the details on fees and traveling with a pet. I took notes thankfully or I would have been more confused than before I called. I didn’t realize my baggage would be so pricey to check. Airline baggage fee ranges from first bag free all the way up to $75! On top of that the pet fee is anywhere from $69-$125. Of course, the cheaper pet fee flights do not go direct to LAX. I read that it is best to fly direct when flying with an animal. In Ali’s case I could not agree more! I think flying with her should be very interesting. I am dreading it, but I have no choice.

As weird as it might be for some people she is my family and I cannot leave her behind. After 17 years, I can’t imagine moving without her.