Yesterday was a draining day. I took Ali (my cat) to the vet. She had not been to the vet in 11 years since she was declawed. She just turned 17. I was terrified to take her to the vet for a few reasons.  I was concerned I would be told I can’t fly with her, and the vet might find something wrong with her. While I know she is not a young kitty anymore, it’s still hard to think of her dying. She has been by my side for most of my life. She has always been such a great companion especially in my jobless days.

Last time Ali went to the vet it was a horror scene. She was screaming, running around, acting like a wild animal. The vet had to catch her with a net, and sedate her. The vet asked me if she is always like this. How embarrassing?! Why would I keep a mean cat? I hoped this visit would not be so dramatic. She is older and much calmer then she used to be. I hoped she would not have to sedate. My mom told me I was dreaming. Ali doesn’t like other people and she gets scared.

At first Ali did really well. She was calm, and let the nurse take her temperature and weight her. Her weight was 7 pounds down from 10, which concerned me. I was so thankful she was calm. Of course this didn’t last long. By the time the vet came into the room Ali knew what was going on, and was not having any of it. She was hissing, and hitting the vet. She is harmless since she is declawed, but I guess she can bite (even though she never has before). The vet said they would have to sedate her to give her a full exam which I was not to happy about since she is so old. A few minutes later the nurse took Ali away, and told me to come back by 2pm. I went home since it was only 10:30. By the time I got home, ate lunch the vet called. The exam was over. Ali was fine. She didn’t need to be sedated! I could pick her up.

I found out Ali’s urine was diluted. It could be the start of kidney disease. The vet told me that cats are living longer and longer these days. They are out living their kidneys. This could explain so much. Lately she has been crying a lot but I thought it was her being a princess. She has been from time to time, thanks to my mom! The vet said kidney disease could be maintained through diet if it was caught early. I am hoping this is the case.

As of now, I don’t know if I can fly yet with her. I will know more soon when the results of her tests return, hopefully today or tomorrow. Then there is nothing holding me back to book that flight!