I was convinced I was going to wake up this morning to find Ali’s lifeless body. Thankfully, I was wrong! I woke up after another restless night of sleeping to find Ali waiting by my door for me! She was hungry, not surprisingly since she threw up yesterday.  She seems much better today, and has a good amount of energy. I am sure she was fine yesterday as well. I was being a little dramatic and Googled. I learned a valuable lesson, never Google!  I was a complete mess last night, crying on and off for hours and Ali is Ali, perfect in her own way. I can only imagine what she was thinking when she saw me crying for hours, and hugging her.

I am giving her better food in small amounts, and sneaking in some tuna. I want to make sure she is eating.

I hope last night was a false alarm. Thank you for all of your positive thoughts of her. They are greatly appreciated.