Ali at the vet. It's always an experience.

Last week I took Ali to the vet for the third time. After giving her subcutaneous fluid treatment for the past ten days (The subcutaneous fluid treatment looks like an IV bag.), her antibiotic, an appetite stimulator, and changing her food she is improving! I saw a difference in her as soon as I gave her the first treatment. That fluid is amazing.

I got to say the subcutaneous fluid treatment took some getting used to. I was poking myself, bleeding, and all the meds were spraying on the wall. I knew I was not meant to be a nurse or a doctor. By day three I had the treatment down to a science. Thankfully it seems as though Ali doesn’t know what is going on until I am done, and let’s out a small cry.

The vet said she was improving, and wanted to do another blood test. I really didn’t think it was necessary to poke her anymore. We already know she has kidney disease. How much different will it be by now? Plus, I really can’t afford it. I have spent so much money on Ali in the past 3 weeks. Ali is improving so much that fluid treatment doesn’t have to be done everyday anymore. She only needs it 2 times a week.

The good news is Ali seems to be much happier, healthier, even her fur is silkier. She gained a half a pound which is fabulous. When I first took her to the vet she was seven pounds down from ten. Of course the vet was concerned. Thankfully she is gaining weight!

She seems much happier, and her whinny cries have nearly stopped. I think she is feeling better! Thankfully!