I am on a plane, heading to NJ for my bachelorette party! I don’t know what is planned, or who will be there but I am excited. I didn’t think I would be, but I am. I can’t believe I am the bride. I am the bachelorette.  I am the one getting married.  For many many years I said I would not get married, I liked living my life alone. How can I be so certain of something, and then it all changed?  How could I have ever thought a life alone would be a good idea? Or fun? I thought, I could do what I wanted, not have anyone tell me what to do, travel where I wanted, be where I wanted.  What a joke!

I remember when my feelings about getting married started to change. I was careful what I said to people, especially my mom. I didn’t want to hear, “oh I thought you were not getting married.”  I mean come on! Don’t we all say and do stupid things that we don’t mean when we are young! 

Up until my mid-twenties I was hiding the fact that I wanted to get married, slowly I would say when I get married. Never really thinking the day would come, never thinking I would find my person, watched nearly all my childhood/college friends get married and I didn’t have a boyfriend longer than two months. Time was ticking, late twenties approached, and I was ready to find him! I found him when I was meant to.

In just 93 days I will be marrying my best friend, and starting the next chapter of our lives together. With my bachelorette party this weekend the end of our engagement time is approaching, and the time to celebrate (I won’t be an old maid) is finally here!  I am the bride!  Get those dance shoes on, and get some champagne! It’s time to celebrate!