I have not been able to sleep lately thinking about the apartment, a job, a car, etc. On top of that, Ali seems to only want to play when I am sleeping, so I get up to feed her. I finally got back to bed around 6am, and was woken up 45 minutes later by a HUGE, disgusting, dirty roach crawling on me!!!!! I woke up, and saw the roach on my arm crawling. I acted fast and swung it off of me. Of course, I was FREAKED OUT.  A few seconds later I saw the roach crawling on the other side of my air mattress. I jumped up, and went to get something to kill it. By the time I got back it was gone.  I am so over this crap. I am not living in this roach infested shit hole!!!  I refuse to live like this. I really cannot believe I am the only person in this building having a problem with this. Am I the only one with standards? It’s not that cheap! I am  beyond grossed out. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be in this apartment. I don’t want to sleep on the air mattress or sit on the floor. (yes I still don’t have any furniture). ARG!

I am going to go to walk around West Hollywood and take down phone numbers for rentals today. Fingers crossed I get something ASAP, and get out of this shit hole.