All things California came to a head this morning, and I finally realized after a short time of living here, I am a relaxed go with the flow California girl. Recently I noticed I am much slower than I had been. I don’t walk as fast, I am slightly more friendly to randoms, (slightly!), and the bone chilling cold I am about to fly into scares me. I have grown up in the Northeast my entire life, the 29 degrees we are about to land into should not scare the crap out of me. The last 4 months 95% of the days have been above 65, and I have never been happier. I have always hated the cold, horrible temps, but now I am terrified to even get off the plane and deal with them. I know I am a California Girl.

I do my best to always be on time. I do my best not to have anyone wait for me. This morning my flight was at 9:10am. We didn’t leave my apartment until nearly 8. Before I became so relaxed, I would be freaking out, my heart would be pounding, and I would not be able to stop thinking about the flight I was sure I was going to miss. Today, I never once thought I was going to miss my flight. I never thought I am not getting out of Los Angeles. I never freaked out. My heart didn’t pound.  I was completely calm, and went with the flow. Even when there was a line outside of the airport just to get upstairs to get to the security line I was relaxed. I met another girl who also had a 9:10am flight and we cut the entire security line. I didn’t even stress out when there was a family of 5 in front of me on the security line. I stayed calm and knew I was not going to miss my flight.  As luck may have it, I made my flight and got out of California. With the snow, most flights were delayed or it took days to get to their destination, shockingly, I had none of that.

I realized the high strung, aggressive, New Yorker is gone. The California go with the flow, no stress girl has officially arrived and will be here for the long haul!