I have been journaling, and FREAKING OUT about my move to Los Angeles since last April. It’s been over a year of sharing my moments of excitement, nervousness, anxiety taking you through my journey moving from New York to Los Angeles.  Over this year I have shared very personal moments, emails from my mom, true feelings, and pictures of my life. I have loved sharing these. It’s become a time capsule for me to go through and relive the past year.  

I am happily living in Los Angeles for 8 months. I have happily made the transition I have dreamed about my entire life. I can happily say I feel like Los Angeles is my home.

Let’s face it. There is not a ton of FREAKING OUT left to do. I am truly happy with my life, and am finding rare moments to write about, which I am sure you have seen from my lack of recent posts.  I have decided to take the DailyFreakOut in a different more positive direction. I want to share my new journey. I am living healthier, eating better, and thinking more positive. I want to bring this positiveness to my blog, and share all the positive things I have been doing to improve myself. That is not to say I won’t post updates about my move and finally landing a job. I will still update the blog on those exciting happens but they will be few and far between especially since the only thing I (still) need is a job to be fully settled.

Here is to the next year of my journal, of my life, in a new positive way, as they say, the best is yet to come!