This time last year I was visiting NJ for the first time since I moved. It was a trip filled with my both amazingness, and terminal. My mom was still dealing with my move, and was still not happy about it.  She was thrilled I was home, but the start of my trip didn’t stay blissful. There were fights, many fights. I finally stood up for myself. I told my mom how I felt, told her I was staying in LA. It was not a pleasant place to be well at least the first half of my trip. Slowly, as the trip progressed things got much better. I think my mom started to realize how valuable my time was home. Thankfully, because little did she know I would not be back east for nearly a year, so it was a good thing the trip turned around.

This holiday season I wanted to be home with my family for Thanksgiving. I thought it was more important to be home for a holiday I celebrated then Christmas. My mom and I have our own Christmas traditions. We got to the movies and get Chinese food. Yes, it is the tradition of nearly every Jew, but we did it together. I love doing this together, but didn’t think it was enough of a reason for me to come home for Christmas. Christmas which is one of the most expensive times of year to fly, didn’t make much sense to me.

Now, we are 4 days away from Christmas I am dreading this decision. Honestly, the entire month I have dreaded this decision. I have realized how much I miss NY in the holidays and being home with my family. I miss Rockefeller Center. The windows. I miss how amazing NY is decorated. I miss everything. The holidays in LA are so lame, boring, non-existent. There are barely any decorations. I, the Jew, who was never into Christmas, am missing it terribly.  I thought or hoped being home for Thanksgiving and seeing the (almost done decorations) would have been enough for me, but clearly I was wrong. I MISS NY CHRISTMAS!

My head can’t seem to get around being in the warmer temperatures for winter. I feel weird.  It’s December, and last week it was in the 80s! I was beside myself, my head is so confused, my body loves it,  but my head is so confused. It’s December and 80! What the heck! I do without a doubt love love love the weather here, but my head is so confused. Every morning, I wake up thinking, what do I wear in December when it’s 70-80 degrees! It’s the most bizarre feeling I have ever experienced.  I hope as I live here, and get more used to my new life, my head catches up to the weather my body has loved!

As I spend my first Christmas in my new city, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Hope it’s filled with all the traditions you grew up loving.