I am having a strange day. I am out of it. It’s hot as heck, and I am lonely. I wish I could see someone I know like really know, a friend from home would be awesome. Alas that is not an option. I am living in Ca and must get used to this feeling.  Today I am wondering why I moved here. I was wondering that last Saturday also. Maybe Saturday’s are just hard since it’s the day I moved.

I miss NY today, and the chilliness you feel walking in between the buildings even when it’s hot out.  The past week CA has been hot as hell. Some days I am having issues breathing but I wonder if that is due to the fires. I don’t have ac. I am sure for the most part I won’t need anyway. I have been using my fan which seems to be blowing hot air, and not making me any happier. Most of all, I feel bad for Ali. I feel like she is so hot, and there is nothing I can do to help her now. I hope she gets used to this weather. I hope she has already forgotten about NY, and is no longer confused about her whereabouts.

I am sitting in the Le Brea tar pits park eating my lunch, writing and wondering why did I move.

It was so hot out. I could not breath, and decided to go to Coffee Bean to sit in the AC, and look for jobs. I, of course, went the wrong way and ended up near the Grove. I looked at the digital clock at the bank and saw it was 110 degrees. No wonder why I was so hot. I was dying, so I decided to go seen a movie. I saw The Time Traveler’s Wife and Julie and Julia. I think I was just happy to be in AC. The movies were a bonus.

After a long, hot, miserable day I was invited to meet a new friend out. I did my best to stay in, and get deeper into a depression but he would not allow that. Thankfully. I met them off Hollywood, and felt like I really live here! I was starting to feel better. By the end of the night I met some people, had a few drinks and got a ride home! What better way to end a crappy day? Here is to hoping things get better and better here!