On day 355 of my year in LA I finally got my driver’s license! 

I was putting it off since I was unemployed and didn’t want anything to happen to my benefits until I had a secure job!  I am excited to say I passed on the first try!  I have been driving for years so you would think the driving test would be a cake walk. I was very nervous. Kevin, a good friend out here, told me he failed the first time and I should read the book. I officially was nervous! I am not good with tests to begin with. I had a perfect driving test record in NJ (passed both written and driving tests in one try) and didn’t want to mess that up with the CA test. There was a lot riding on this. I needed to pass!

Lynne, who recently moved to LA took her test nearly right away. She follows the law to the T! You are supposed to get a new license after being here for 10 days. I waited 355 days. Whoops. Lynne reestablished my confidences when she passed her test in one shot. She told me to take the practice test, and I too will pass. I did what she said, and went into the DMV.

I finished the test in 20 minutes freaked out I failed. Some of the questions where very easy and others they really try to trick you, so I was not sure if I was going to pass. I got 5 wrong, but luckily I PASSED! I cheered with joy! The DMV women looked at me like I was nuts, but I was that excited. I passed my test.

Day 355:  I am officially a CA girl!  The license comes in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to show it around proudly!