This time last year, I was saying my final good-byes to friends I have known for years. I was hours away from starting the adventure I had thought about doing my entire life. I was nothing but happy, and excited about where things would go. I thought I would have been FREAKING OUT, but alas I was as calm as they come. Something had always been calling me out to California. I was about to find out what it exactly it was.

I will never forget this day. My going away party was amazing. Friends I have had for years came to see me off. My mom who I had not spoken to in weeks, came to surprise me. She was still not supporting my decision to move, but she came. I knew she was starting to turn. Thankfully I was right. Good times were had, drinks were drank, memories were remembered, and with that my time in NYC was coming to an end.

I had an amazing 5 years in the best city in the world. I loved my time in NYC. It was some of the happiest years of my life. I will forever cherish the time in NY as the best years of my 20’s!