Sometimes things just come together all it takes is the right time and place.

As many of you know I have wanted to love to Los Angeles my entire life ever since I could speak I wanted to come here.  I never had enough money or guts. When I lost my job,  I thought this is my chance to make my move. I have a small income with unemployment. My biggest fear was not having money once I moved out here.  

Six months ago, I made the move that changed the direction of my life.

Nothing is easy when you first move; you miss your friends, your life, familiarity of your community etc. I had a few bad days in the beginning where I was depressed, wanted to be alone and wondered what the hell I just did.  I was doing my best to be social and meet people but it was hard especially on my hard days.

When I was looking for an apartment on Craig’s List while in NY, the Fella who was looking for roommates friended me on Facebook.  Through his status updates on Facebook the Fella was looking for someone to join him to see Katy Perry. I love Katy Perry, knew I needed to meet people so thought why comment asking him to pick me. I never thought he would pick me.  That day I was shopping and going to the movies at the Grove, completely forgot about the Fella and the concert. I came home from a day of shopping, to find a message from him telling me he picked me to come. At this point it was 8ish, I was sure he was at the concert already, I swallowed my pride and texted him.  No shock, they were already at the concert, but he invited me out to meet them after. I really was not feeling it. I was down and missing my friends. It had been 2 weeks in LA, and was in a rut. I gave him every excuse in the book not come but he convinced me coming would put me in a better mood.  I got dressed fast, didn’t try too hard, wore sneakers which I NEVER do when I go out. I really was not feeling it, but thought I need to meet people!

The Fella, Anthony met me in front of the club. My first impression was he was nice, did his best to include me in the conversations, but I was not attracted to him. I hoped he would be a good friend since I was severely lacking in the friend department. At some point that evening I mentioned that I had theatre hopped during that day, Anthony’s eyes lit up and said we should go sometime. I felt like the biggest fake. I only theatre hopped that day because it was over 95 degrees that day and my apartment was beyond hot. I figured why not. It could be fun, and a great way to seal the deal and officially be friends.

Anthony and I had been texting and messaging after that night. I didn’t think he would remember we talked about theatre hopping. I was wrong. Two weeks later Anthony and I went theatre hopping. We had a great time. I was constantly thinking is this a date, are we friends. The uncertainty was very strange. At some point Anthony’s hand grazed mine, and was thinking what the hell is going on here! I still wanted to be his friend, as the day/night went on I was becoming more attracted to him. I found out we had a lot in common, and really got a long well.   

As they say the rest is history, we began dating soon after. For nearly 4 months Anthony was the guy I was (the fabulous) guy I was dating. When I was in New York, he sent flowers to my mom’s house proclaiming boyfriendhood. I was on cloud 9.

I never had the best luck dating in NY. I did my best to put myself out there but really I was more annoyed with dating.  I always felt like I was on an interview. The men I met in NY were all about themselves, and always looking for something better. I had it. I decided at the age of 28 I was over dating, and fine with living alone.  I know now how sad and miserable that sounds it was so much easier for me then. 

With Anthony and my relationship everything seems to have fallen into place. The Melrose Place apartment I moved into is a mere 7 minutes walking from his apartment.  When I was looking at this place I had no idea how close it was to his. If I did I might not have taken it, just in case things got weird.  Now I am so thankful I live so close to him since I don’t have a car. We are geographically desirable!

I feel so lucky that I met Anthony. I know he has helped my transition to Southern Californian so much easier. Being with him has taught me so many things and I am so thankful for that.  While I had issues when I first moved here, things seemed to be coming together nicely. I had an amazing boyfriend, a great Melrose Place apartment, and fabulous friends.  I just need a job and a car! Fingers crossed that will happen soon enough.