Over the weekend I bought my moving luggage! I got a great deal from JCPenny. Thanks to my friend Lori. I would never have thought about going to JCPenny. I printed out a coupon, and heading to the Freehold Mall.

I bought the Protocol Brandbury 4 piece spinner set. The set includes 29” expandable Upright, 25” Upright Spinner, 21” Upright carry-on and the shoulder tote. 

After trying to get up my 3 flights of stairs with my backpack, 29” suitcase (with all the other pieces inside), and a shopping bag, I realized there is no way I am going to be able to handle 3 suitcases, a backpack (with my SRL camera and laptop inside) and Ali’s carrier. I think I decided to ship stuff to LA, and just take a suitcase or 2.  That seems to be more manageable to me.

Hopefully I will know where I am living soon, and can start shipping!