I have not written blog posts recently. I have been super busy getting settled into my new apartment, and my new life. I am so much happier at the new apartment. I have not seen one roach, which is cause for some excitement! A few fabulous friends donated a sofa, 4 chairs, and two stools to the “Help Decorate Pamela’s apartment” cause. Slowly but Shirley things are coming together. I am so excited not to be sitting on the floor.  I bought a table off Craig’s List yesterday, and should be getting it Sunday with the help of Lily.

Back in NY, I have made the very hard decision to sell all my things. Deciding to sell my things was not easy. I kept thinking I will just get movers and have everything brought here in 4 months when my NY lease is up. The more I thought about it, I knew it didn’t make sense, soon after the sale began and is an ongoing project. I would not be able to be selling these items without Jen’s help.  So far I have sold my vacuum, microwave, Panini maker, and divider. I am really hoping some of the larger items sell soon. I have a sleeper sofa, an entertainment center, and a table with stools up waiting for a new home.

Another ongoing project in LA, is making friends. Making friends when you are out of school is not an easy task. I am doing my best to join activities, and get involved to meet people. I have been have a great time here. I look forward to meeting more people in the future!

The job hunt is still an ongoing project as well! I have been looking and applying for jobs daily. I am doing my best to take full advantage of my time off by working on my apartment, exploring LA, joining clubs, and making friends. I am dreading going back to work!

I will do my best to update the Daily Freak Out more often. I love to write here, and will do my best to make this more of a priority!