While I had been dreading Christmas 2500 miles away from home, today was not bad at all. 

I have not been sleeping well for months. I have way too much on my mind, between work, men, and all the changes I have been through the past few months. I can’t seem to not think about things. This of course, is completely affecting my sleep.  I have been so tired lately.  Last night, after a lazy day of sleeping, and cleaning, I went to bed early, slept through the night! I woke up, refreshed and ready t o enjoy Christmas. I made myself whole wheat pancakes, and ginger bread coffee. This day was off to an amazing start.  After enjoying my delightful pancakes, I did my laundry. Since its Christmas I figured no one else would be doing their laundry, and I was right.

The rest of the day was the normal Jewish Christmas movie – How do you know? (Which I would NOT recommend to anyone) at the Grove.  The Grove was packed with people taking in Christmas decorations, music, and amazing Los Angeles weather. The walk home was amazing, beautiful weather, walking to my iPad, could not have been better way to travel today.

Just ordered Chinese from 88 Chinese from Eat24hours.com, food arrived within an hour, and was amazing. Food delivery in LA! I was not sure if such amazingness existed. This site will either be the best or worst thing I have ever discovered in LA.

Who knows where the rest of this night will end, hopefully with drinks with friends.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas no matter what you did.