I have been in LA for 550 days, and still DO NOT have a car. In a city where traffic is as known about LA as Mickey is to Disney, I have surprisingly been able to get around with too much fuss for this long. My initial plan was to get a car as soon as I move here, but then decided to wait until I got a job. Getting a job, took me 10 months, within the 10 months I have really figured out Los Angeles’ MTA. I was able to get around for most part with a bus, walking or if had no choice I would take a cab.

My first job was in walking distance to my apartment so again put off getting a car. My second job was a little further away and thought I needed a car right away. Good friends convinced me otherwise, so I took the bus to work. It worked out fine, of course took a much longer then it would have if I was able to drive but it was doable. Luckily, soon after I started at my job, a very nice coworker, Greg, offered to give me a ride home that soon became every day. Then I only took the bus in the morning. The ride home really helped my sanity, plus always was a great time to catch up with Greg about our day.  

In the meantime, I started dating my boyfriend Alex, who lives in Culver City which is about 20 minutes from where I live in West Hollywood, but in the LA traffic could be an hour. Alex has been very patient and understanding with my lack of a car and will drive to see me daily or come out of his way to get me so we can go out together. I know me not having a car is taking a toll on him. I feel bad he has to be in traffic, look for parking nightly to see me.

Things were going so well, then about a month ago, Greg left CheckAlt, no more rides home for me. I am now back to taking the bus home daily.  I have slowly begun to lose my mind. It takes me hour to get to the gym from work, with a car should take 20 minutes if that.

In the 550 days I have lived in LA, I have walked nearly everywhere you can think of and I am getting so tired of it. I am getting tired of walking to get groceries, drop my cleaners off, and meet friends. I am too the point where if it’s cold I won’t go. I am so over walking. I am over not being independent. I cannot wait to be able to get in a car, go where I want freely. I want to be able to go to the gym, get groceries, drop clothes off at the cleaners, and then even have time to see a friend for dinner. I want my freedom. I NEED my freedom.

The search for a car officially has begun. I cannot wait to report I have FREEDOM once again—hopefully sooner than later.  

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