I have officially been living my dream for 11 months. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I was reflecting on my time here, and how I nearly moved July 1st.  I wanted more time in NY, and I am thankful I took those extra 6 weeks. I needed that time to spend with friends, family and really enjoy NYC!  Now almost a year later I still can’t believe I have moved so far from home.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. It seems like yesterday I came to LA and changed my entire life.

I don’t regret coming here. I have loved most days. I have made amazing friends. I know I am not going back to NY/NJ to live again. I know in my heart LA is my home.

Overall I like it here. I will admit there are still hard times. I have made fabulous friends. I feel so lucky to have the friends I have met here but I still feel lost at times.  The friends I have in NJ/NY are friends I have had for years minimum 3 years up to 15 years. Those friendships have built over time into some of the closest friends I have ever known. Friendships take time.  I am lucky I met the friends I have, but it’s different.  I am still struggling to find my place, to find my group of friends. I am still struggling to fit in and not text, call, Facebook to get an invite out.  I feel like I am always the last to be remembered and it’s only I asked what is going on. I hate this feeling. I hate being so lost. I wish more than anything I had close friends here. There are times I have emptiness inside, a whole where my friends from home would fill. At times I feel like I wish I was in NY just to have my friends again.  

I do have some amazing friends here. My birthday was much more than I ever could have dreamed it would be. I have friends I met here by chance, from other friends, former co-workers, all of which have become like family. I know who to call if I ever needed anything and that is a great feeling.  I have a handful of friends I know would do just about anything for me. I know I am darn lucky to have met them, and they have accepted me into their lives. I know that! I just wish it was not so hard sometimes.

I am hoping the longer I am here, the stronger my friendships grow and I feel less and less empty.