This past Thursday I took Ali to the vet to make sure everything was ok for her to fly before I booked my flight. After the visit Ali seemed melancholy. I could tell she was not very happy with me. I am sure it was a complete shock for her since she had not been in 9 years. I am sure she blanked it out since it was such a horror scene. Plus, how much does cat really remember?

I went out for a friend’s birthday on Friday, came home around 4am to find blood on a shoe box Ali had been sitting on. Ali doesn’t like sitting on the floor, so I am sure she had been sitting there for hours. I freaked out! I thought this is the beginning of the end. I started to wonder why I took her to vet, and began all this. She was fine before! I was convinced she was going to die.

I called the vet, but of course they were not in. I left a message asking if the anal bleeding was a side effect of anything they did to her at the exam. I left her in the bathroom, and went to bed.

The next day I let her out. I stupidly didn’t leave her any water in the bathroom. She drank a lot of water, and she threw it up 3 times in a row. Then she sat on a piece of paper and her rear was still bleeding. I was numb! What was going on?

I called the vet again. The receptionist told me I can go the emergency pet care which happened to be only 2 blocks from my apt. I knew the emergency care would be insanely expensive so I didn’t want to do that. I am jobless still, and need to be realistic. She is 17, and has had an amazing life. I can’t create a miracle. The receptionist said the vet would call me back around 1. I should wait until I speak to vet before I decide to take her.

The vet called me and was very concerned about the bleeding. She looked at her test results. As the vet, feared Ali has kidney disease. The vet didn’t feel comfortable reassuring me that Ali will be ok. She said she didn’t want to give me a false sense. I completely understood what she was saying, especially since this was over the phone. I told the vet I really don’t have money to take her to emergency care. She told me the emergency care will be very expensive. I was bartending an event Saturday night. I decided to go to work, and see how Ali was when I got home.

The entire event I was completely freaking out! I could not wait to get home, and check on her. Of course the event was 2 hours longer then planned. I thought I was going to start crying in the cab. I ran up my stairs. I could not get up to her fast enough. Ali seemed much better. She was walking around. I cleaned her up, and put paper towels on the floor. This way I could be able to see if she was still bleeding or not. I left her with food and water and went to sleep. At 7am when I woke up, I could not check on her fast enough! There was no new blood! My Ali will live another day! What a sigh of relief?!

Ali goes back to the vet on Tuesday. I am looking forward to see what the vet will say! Hopefully I will know if I can fly with her then! Fingers crossed.