After living in Ca for nearly 10 months, and my unemployment about to run out for the second time finally had some luck. A friend of mine said jokingly I will hire you! I said without a second thought YES! I will take it. I needed to meet the big boss, and knock his socks off. I knew I had this in the bag.

Thankfully things went amazing with the big boss and I am a leasing consultant for Alta Hollywood. It’s a gorgeous, brand new property in the heart of Hollywood. It’s not even open! I have been a member of the team for three weeks now. It’s a completely different industry to me, but I am learning! So far I am loving it. Right now we can only give tours for a few hours in the morning so on the other times I am working on marketing, mostly social media which is my cup of tea!

The days seem to fly! I am thankful for that since going back to work after being jobless for 20 months was something I was dreading. Now that I am working, getting up and motivated is not the most fun in my life, but I am enjoying my time at Alta. The experience so far has been nothing but amazing. The people I work with are super, for the most part have made me feel welcome.

I can’t wait for the building to open, and see how this next venture goes. So far I have never been happier at a new job. (SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, don’t tell my boss I said that.)

 Time will tell!