As you know I was hired and have been working for Alta Hollywood for about 8 weeks now. I have been enjoying it, really liking it, learning a lot and keeping busy.  The building has not opened yet, so we have been working from home many days. I have always thought working from home would be amazing. Sadly not so especially when you just got off of unemployment for 20 months!  When I started Alta I was so over starring at my wall I really could not wait to get to work. Well, the building keeps getting delayed as most construction does and the building has not opened yet. I was started to lose my mind. I am not being challenged. Yes, yes I am enjoying learning a new industry, and loving the social media but I am losing my mind.

I was not looking for a job. I was hoping Alta would open sooner or later and I would be an amazing leasing consultant. I really have no doubt I would have.  About 4 weeks ago, I got an email from the head hunter who placed me at Parade where I worked for nearly 3 years. I could not believe she had an opening out in LA. I felt it was a sign and I knew I was going to land this job. While the timing was not the best, since I was only at Alta for 6 weeks when I gave notice, I need to look out for myself. I do and did feel bad about giving notice mainly because I am friends with my boss Mark before I started to work for him and I never really gave it a shot (since Alta didn’t open yet). I really needed more money, base. I was making over $30K more a year base in my job in NY. I need more money and really could not wait for the building to open. Alta was a great transition back to the work world for me. The hours (right now) are flexible, and we were able to work from home. Yes I was losing my mind but overall it was a good transition to the work world again.

Yesterday was my last day at Alta Hollywood. I am leaving to go work for Vintage Fillings in the division called Check Alt where I will be doing Sales and Marketing. It’s really an amazing opportunity. I was never nervous to take it. It’s very different from anything I have ever done, but now I am very excited about it.  The position base is much higher than Alta and so is the commission. Plus they travel so fingers crossed I may be able to go to NY!  So that is real bonus for me!

I did give Alta an opportunity to counter since I really did want to stay. Unfortunately they were not able to come close to my base at Vintage. I had no choice but to give 2 weeks.

I start at Vintage Filings Monday. I wish I was able to take a few days off but I can’t afford it now especially after being on unemployment for so long. The slap in the face is going to be my new hours, 8-5! I need to be there at 8am. I think I am going to die! I have never had to be at work that early, and now after 20 months of bouncing around and sleeping in I need to be at work at 8am. Hello REALITY check!

Wish me luck on my first day. I will tell ya all about it!