Pictures from the fabulous & funny Cindee Weiss

I am beyond thankful I am in sunny Los Angeles today.

Back home, in NJ/NY they are experiencing an insane blizzard. The holiday blizzard is expected to bring the northeast between 14-18 inches. From my understanding the snow has been falling steadily all day, with it expected to come down even heavier this evening.

From what I have seen on Facebook, it looks insane. I remember those snowstorms. The snowstorms where you love the way they look when you are inside but dread the thought of ever going outside. The first snowstorm of the season is always magical.  The first snow fall, you can’t wait to feel it on your face, walk in it, and embrace the winter smell. Then quickly the beautiful white snow turns into brown, yellow slushy grossness.  After the first snowstorm, for me, it was enough to bring on spring. I would have done anything to fast forward the next four months (which always felt like 10 months) to get to spring as fast as possible.

I was so sad I was not coming home for Christmas this year. I was sad I was missing traditions I had with my family. Christmas is not even my holiday and I was so bummed. I was not going to go to the movies with my mom, see my friends and watch their kids open presents from Santa. But now, I am so happy, I didn’t go! These are the times I am so happy I moved to Los Angeles.