This blog post is brought to you in-flight. So far, I love Virgin. As you know, if you read the blog I was terrified of going through security with Ali. Thankfully and to my true surprise she was a rock star. I was expecting the worse, so I put on her lease as we approached the security counter.  I told the security person I have an animal in my bag, and he helped me deal with the line. I was very concerned with getting through the line, and making people wait. I warned everyone Ali is old and cranky. I begged them to use the wound on her but they could not for security reasons. I had to walk her through, and to my true shock Ali was cool, calm, and collected. She was looking around, but very quite. Not even a hiss came out of her mouth. Thank you Benadryl. Thank you drop thing the vet gave me. THANK YOU! The bag took what it seemed like forever to get through the machine, but when it did Ali easily went back into the bag. I was so proud of her, and shocked at how well she did. She is such a rock star.

We are in-flight. The flight is pretty good, but there are so many crying kids. I was so worried about Ali. Even if Ali cried no one would hear here with the craziness of these kids crying.