It’s hard to believe I have been back in LA for almost 2 months after my trip to NY. Time seems to fly faster and faster these days. I have been lacking motivation to write lately so I am somewhat behind here.   The last 6 weeks has been great. The trip to NY improved greatly. I sold some things from my apartment, of course not as much as I had hoped, but isn’t that always the case?

On December 31st of 2009, I handed in my keys to my Upper East Side studio, and rolled my suitcase to my friend Colleen’s apartment where I was staying New Year’s Eve night. Cleaning the apartment alone was surreal. I could not believe 4 months had past, and I was officially giving up my home of the past 3 years. I was ready to move on from New York, and be completely in Los Angeles. It was sad when I closed the apartment door for the last time. I felt as though it was my series finale, which is always a little sad. I have had some great memories in that apartment. I will always cherish my time in New York, but I have moved on.  Life in California is what I have always hoped. It was time to be officially a resident of Los Angeles.


By the end of my two week trip to New York/New Jersey I was ready to return to the home I created for myself in CA, ready to get back to my friends, my cat, my new boyfriend, and my job search. I took two weeks off the search for my trip, and now it was time to hit the pavement hard. My goal was to have a job by the end of the first quarter. Now, we are almost to the end of February I am not as confident that will happen. The job market is very tight right now.  From what I have been seeing more jobs available then there was the end of 2009, but I think it takes time to get through the resumes, and contact candidates. I had a phone interview this week for a position that didn’t match my background well. The position may not have been a good fit for my background, but feel the phone interview is a positive step toward more companies noticing my resume! Hopefully I will be getting plenty more calls for opportunities that fit my background. I am ready to get back to the grind, the rat race, the hustle and bustle, more important I am ready to be a human with spending MONEY!!!! I am so ready to not be poor. Please bring on the paying jobs, bring on the pay checks! I am ready to live again!