I have not blogged in awhile.  I am very stressed at the moment. About 3 weeks ago, I found out I only have 7 weeks left to unemployment benefits. Ever since then I have been applying for jobs, networking, and researching possible job situation like mad, leaving very little time for a social life or blogging. I have been so focused AKA stressed I have not wanted to blog about my situation, better to push forward and not put this out in the blogging world. I am ready to write about my stress now.

I have been unemployed since October of 2008. I won’t lie, I have enjoyed not waking up at 7am to get to work. I have enjoyed not having a structured life most days.  I have missed interacting with people daily, and some days having a place to go. My time of leisure is coming to an end in 4 weeks whether I like it or not. The time has come, and I need a job.  I am being realistic to the times we are living in. Jobs have been cut, employees are doing double even triple the work and companies are taking their time hiring. I am looking at all avenues. I was a senior marketing manager at a publication in NYC. I have worked for 8 years in marketing, events and PR. I know how to work the media outlets with my words better than most, and yet I can’t seem to land a job. Yes, it’s been over a year and a half. My competition is fierce, times are tough all over, and I am feeling it. While, I have been sad, depressed and stressed out of my mind about this, I know I will survive, I will get a job doing something, and I will be a stronger person for this. In the meantime, the stress is palpable.

Today was a good day. I am feeling less like I want to jump off a bridge and more like I can handle this. THIS is nothing but a setback, NOTHING I can’t handle. I have been searching for “gig” positions on Craig’s List, applying for anything marketing, events, PR related ANYTHING. I have been applying to assistant jobs, promotional jobs, and the dreaded retail. While retail is of course my last option I am being realistic with the fact that it is a possibility. As long as I am able to make about what I made with my unemployment (which is not a heck of a lot of money), I will be ok. Whatever I end up doing this just for now, and will continue to find the marketing/events/PR job of my LA dream!  Minor setbacks happen all the time to the best of us. People have been experiencing many many set backs through the economic downturn. Many people have overcome so much more than this. If this challenge is all I have to overcome, I am lucky. I still have my health, my roof (at least for now) and food in my tummy.  I will find a job, keep my apartment, pay my bills, feed myself and my darling Ali. I am being confident a job is out there with my name on it, and I will find it. I have 4 weeks, and it will happen.

Like all setbacks I have good and bad days. Each day depends on how I deal with the stress, how I am able to manage the situation and push forward. Here is hoping to more good days than bad ones! Please send all the positive thoughts my way, in hopes I find a job.

In the meantime, if you are reading this and you know any position in marketing, events, PR in the LA area, please let me know. Check out my LinkedIn page with all job experience.  Thank you in advance, any and all help is much appreciated!