I followed up today with company I went on three interviews.  My feeling has always been if a company wants you especially after 3 interviews they will contact you!  But, the economy sucks and I need a job. I want to stay top of mind, and know if they picked a candidate so I can move on and not wonder anymore. I tried calling HR a few times last week, and got her voice mail. I didn’t want to leave a message and have to wait for a call back. I hoped today the HR manager would be back from vacation, and I would have some news. I called this afternoon. Finally the HR manager was in. I found out the interviews are going slower than they thought. Plus people have been on vacation so the decision has taken longer than they thought.  She said they won’t decide for a few more weeks, but will keep me in the loop. I wanted to scream, “WHY are you still interviewing?! I am the perfect candidate. I am the perfect one for this job. I am the ONE YOU WANT.” Instead I said thank you, and I would appreciate being kept in the loop, with a smile.

I was not surprised at all, and thought at least I was not told they hired someone else. I am still in the running for the online marketing manager position, AKA the dream job. I am going to keep applying for jobs and working on out-of-the-box ideas to get my resume in the right hands and get hired!

On another positive note, it looks like a 30 day unemployment extension could pass. By May 4th a longer extension could be in the works. At the very least 30 days is better than nothing, and I will keep applying to get a fabulous full time job! Keep those fingers and toes crossed. I will get a job sooner or later!