I have been having a rough few weeks. I am in the weird place. I don’t have a real support in LA. The only support I have known is gone.  Even Ali has left me. At times, I feel like what am I doing here, and then take a deep breath and think living my dream. I always wanted to live in CA. I never wanted to be that person who only lived in NY/NJ. I am doing it. It’s not easy but I am doing it. I could go home at some point, but I am not ready to do so. I need to remember if I do go home, things won’t be the same. Life has gone on without me. Going home won’t make things better for me.

I emailed Anthony, (stupidly?) to see him, speak, etc. I needed closer. The way things ended was not the best. I think I finally got it. Without getting into too many details here, I will say this Anthony and I had a good time together, rocky at times, but we loved each other.  The relationship ran its course. I knew that before I emailed him but I hoped to see him. I missed him. He emailed me back. It made me remember things. I was mad for a minute, but then felt relief, calm, and then happiness. I knew it was over, and I felt awesome. Of course there were things in that email I don’t agree with but I don’t feel the need to get into it with him, and explain my side of things. I am over this and finally ready to move forward.

I am officially single, on my own in a new city. I am looking forward to the challenges and excitement this new chapter will bring.

I miss Ali. The weekends are hard especially Saturday mornings. Ali and I would snuggle together on the weekends. Every weekend is a reminder she is gone. Overall, I think I am doing much better with her passing but I still have my moments. I would love to get another pet but I am not sure I am ready yet, in time I hope I will be.

I could not be more excited about going back home for Thanksgiving! I have not been home since January 4, 2010. I need to go home, recharge and remember I hate the cold! I am so home sick I also booked a ticket to go home in February. My first year in LA I only went home once. I won’t do that again. My goal is to go back east 4 times a year either for personal or work. I can’t be away from my parents, best friends, and home this long again.

Work is good. It feels awesome to get up and go somewhere daily. I am enjoying learning a new industry, working for a start-up, and traveling.  I network nearly every day and have met some awesome people. Lately I have been told how bubbly I am which I find funny since I have never been bubbly in my life. My personality seems to be changing which is good.

In a nut shell, life is good and getting better every day will keep updating as things progress good or bad. Thanks for reading and keeping up with me!