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It’s hard to believe I have lived in Los Angeles for a year and a half. I have had many ups and downs, but I know I made the right decision. I was meant to move out to Los Angeles. I always knew there was more for me then living in New York and New Jersey. Something was always pushing me out West. When I was a kid my dream was to move to Los Angeles to be close to my grandma and great aunt. I wanted to be a doctor and make my grandma better. By the time I got to know my grandma, she was very sick with emphysema. All I wanted to do as a kid was move closer, become a doctor and make her all better. Sadly my grandma passed away long before I was old enough to move, take care of her or become a doctor. Even after she was gone, I could think of nothing else but moving to Los Angeles.

Without a second thought I wanted to go to LA for college. UCLA was my first choice after falling head over heels in love with it when I went to visit with my father when I was 16. My mom put her foot down. I had to go within the tri-state area, no planes, so no UCLA, no CA. I was determined to get to LA somehow, no matter what. As you know if you have been reading this blog it was a back and forth decision but finally I made my way to Los Angeles. I always knew something was here pulling me this way. I thought it was the experience to be fully on my own, to explore a world I had only semi knew, to be me 100% and no one else. 

Throughout my time in Los Angeles I have met some amazing friends. Friends who have embraced me from the moment they met me like my dear friend Lilly. My ex-bf took me to a house party after our first date, when I met Lilly. I was so awkward and nervous on a date with a dude I only knew a few days. Lilly was so warming, loving, and open to me. We exchanged numbers. Instantly became friends! Then there was Mo who I met at Jeremy’s birthday party. She has always includes me.   Then of course there is Paulette whom I met long before I moved. I was searching funny people on twitter when I found her. I started following her, conversing and great friends when I moved here. From when we met she has done her best to include me. Of course there is Mandy who I met at my last job. I do not know what I would do without. We have the best time together. Friends made this move that much easier. I miss my friends from home terribly but the friends I have made here have made this move so much easier.

The transition from NY to LA has been difficult at times, but I can’t lie. I know I have had an easier path than most. I moved here, and 2 weeks later I met Anthony who I dated for nearly a year. Dating Anthony as soon as I moved here definitely made the transition much easier. Even though I had some really hard moments, May for example was very hard. It was mother’s day and my birthday. I remembered crying over and over so much, missing home. Having Anthony made the first year easier. I knew that then, and I know that even more now. Towards the end of Anthony and my relationship I knew it was not going to work. It’s still hard to believe we have not been together since September and have not spoken since November.  Whenever you break up with someone it’s always hard, I do still think about him from time to time, wondering how he is, especially since he was my family here for a year. He has left an important footprint in my memory, of my first year in my new city. I will forever think of him, and wonder how he is.  I would like to hope one day we will be friends. We shall see if that is ultimately meant to me.  I know now I moved here to meet my current boyfriend, the person who makes me happiest I have ever been.  It's amazing how one person can change the entire direction of your life. Alex and I fit together like two of a kind and always have the best time together. I don’t know what I would do without him.

It’s truly amazing how things work. I dating constantly in New York but never found anyone I messed well with. I didn’t have a lot of patience for dating, and men. I got annoyed and I moved on quickly. Why wait and see? I was onto the next faster than I could second guess myself.  Then I move and my life changed for the better. I experienced life and love. I never knew what true love was. I never really knew what anything more than a friendship was. Then I moved 2500 miles away from my home and my world changed forever. I found lust, and ultimately and without a doubt true love and have never been happier.