I was at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden today when I thought what am I doing! How could I move cross country, leave everything I have ever known, my friends, my family! My life will be completely different. I am going to have to make all new friends in a city I barely know. Am I making the right decision? I know I have always wanted to do this, but does it mean its right.

I calmed myself down reminding myself I can always come home again. I need to try this, and see what happens. I will be honest the closer July 1st comes, the more freaked out I am getting! I can not believe I have only 6 weeks left until my dream becomes a reality!

Next Steps:

1)      Ali-Cat’s vet visit this Thursday

2)      Book flight (Whoa!)

3)      Find a sublet

4)      Make appointments for temp agencies

5)      Continue to freak out!