Right before I left NYC, Ali is in the carrier around my neck, and spice is in the bag.

After a night of partying, drinks, and bull rides I was off to my next adventure. Ali and I were about to make the move I have been planning for 23 years but hard core since February. Luckily, Jen and Mike offered to take me to the airport.

The morning started off quite dramatically. I gave Ali a full Benadryl tablet, and she began to spit up, being the dramatic queen she is. I wonder where she gets that! I put her harness on her, of course the wrong way. At first I thought it was fine, but then I realized it was sliding all over the place and it would not hold her if she did try to escape. My fear was Ali escaping in JFK, and making the local news. Knowing my luck and how Ali is in public it could have happened. Moments before Jen knocked on the door around 8:30am, I decided to change the harness to the right way, and give Ali the drops the vet prescribed to her. The drops were supposed to make her drowsy.  Ali was not happy at all and began crying. Thankfully she calmed down, and I was able to get her into her carrier.

 Jen gracefully carried my 80 pound bag down the stairs while I carried my back pack, the small suit case (about 35 pounds) and Ali. I could not believe this day had finally arrived. Despite all the drama I was about to make the move I have dreamt about my entire life, whether or not people accepted it, I was going.

I got to the airport 2 hours early, and went straight to the check-in counter. Of course my large bag was over the weight limit which I thought might happen. I hoped they would let the big bag and the little bag be weighed together but of course that did not happen. I needed to take 10 pounds out of the big suitcase or be charged another $100. I bought a bag off a vender, and paid for a 3rd bag to be checked.  This processed seemed to take forever, and now I was worried I was going to have to rush through security.

As I approached the first person in security I put the lease on Ali’s harness just in case she tried to escape.  The line thankfully moved fast. Of course the line I was on, closed as I approached the front of it. I asked the security guard for help since I had Ali. He put my stuff in front of the line to be scanned. I begged the security guard to use the wound on Ali since she is so old and testy. They said they could not, but everything would be ok. I was thinking how the heck do they know! Ali is a crazy, moody cat!!! I warned the guard through the booth about Ali’s craziness. I took Ali out of the bag quickly and with ease. The guard put her bag on the belt, and I walked through security with Ali. I was so shocked by how good she was.  She just looked around, no hissing, no scene as I thought it would be.  I was in complete shocked. I was so proud of her, as this was the moment of the move I was dreading. I felt so good now. I knew everything would be amazing. Ali proved she maybe 17, but she is such a rock star.  It felt like her carrier took forever to come through, but when it finally did, Ali went back into her bag without any problems! All I have to say is thank you Benadryl!

We made it to our gate just as they started boarding. I got into my seat with no problems. I warned the nice people next to meet that I have a cat in the carrier and she may make noise.  Even if Ali did make noise you never would have heard her because there were so many crying babies. I have never been on such a loud flight in my life.

After an amazing flight with Ali, I knew this move was off to a great start.