I made sure to plan the best last week ever! I wanted to make sure I got to do everything I wanted to do, and see all my friends. Or the friends who wanted to see me.  This week was marked by many lasts, last happy hour, last time I will see many friends, last time I went to Governor’s Island, etc. I wanted to share how awesome my last few weeks where!

Last time home:

I went home for the last time August 2nd to drop off things to be stored in NJ, see my mom, and have my last visit with Jen and the girls. I am really going to miss these little princesses.

Last Happy Hour:

Ryall and I have gone to happy hour together nearly every Wednesday for almost three years, August 5th marked our last Happy Hour at Welcome to the Johnson’s blue drinks and all. Thanks to Shy, and Alice for making our Wednesday fabulous. We always left feeling fine.  I always had the best time, and already miss our delightful happy hours.

Last Lunch with Brandon:

After meeting in 2001, on the bus Brandon an I have remained great friends over the years. At least once a month (and even more often after I became jobless) we would meet for lunch. Laughs were had, advice was given, and memories were made! I will miss the lunches for sure!

Last Time I see Cindee and Shawn:

I have not worked with Cindee and Shawn in 4 years (almost 5) but over these years they have become great friends. While I know I can always log onto Facebook for one of Cindee’s witty comments, it just won’t be the same. Can’t wait for Cindee and Dave to come visit me in LA! 

Last Time at the Beach:

Alice and I took an impromptu trip to the beach which would be marked as my last time Long beach, NY for a long time.

Last Trip to Rodeo:

With Jen finally being back from Chicago, it was time to go back to our margarita tradition with happy hour at Rodeo. Those $6 margs are deadly, but I don’t think I will them too much since California makes some of the best margs I have ever had.

Last Trip to Governor’s Island:

Whitney and I spent my last Saturday going to Governor’s Island for the last time. We had an amazing picnic, biked the entire island, and had sangria on the beach with the city skyline starring at us! Amazing day, and so thankful I was able to share it with Whitney.

Last NY Bruch:

After years of wanting to go to brunch at Bondi Road, my wish came true on August 9th. We sat outside while we enjoyed an endless lunch, followed by a day walking around the Lower East Side, and Pool.

Last Shannon Outing:

We have known each other since we were in the 4th grade but have gotten so much closer recently. I know I can always count on her. We first met at Hudson Bar & Books. This bar was featured on The Real World Back to New York. Ever since then I could not wait to go. When I was 22 I walked by, but we never went in. It was a cigar bar, so we walked in and walked out. I was happy to go there despite not staying. Being the New Yorker I have grown to be, I knew Tortilla Flats was only a few blocks away, bonus it was bingo night! If you are ever in NY, you must check out Tortilla Flats. It is so fun! This is where Christine’s bachelorette party began. Sex and the City shot an episode there, and her bach’s theme was Sex and the City.  We had bingo, margarita’s, and chips! What more can you ask for?

Sex and the City: Hudson River Flicks

In a touching, and perfect way to say good-bye to my beloved NYC, Sex and the City was shown on the pier Wednesday. We met and picnicked for memories to last me all the way to LA, and back!