I thought I was making real progress with my apartment search. The very first apartment I found on Craig’s list seemed to be a perfect fit. It was from August 4th until January 4th in West Hollywood. I have always dreamed of living in West Hollywood. The rent was $500 less than my apartment in NYC a month. The renter was leaving all her furniture, pans, and bedding. I thought the apartment was adorable perfect for me and Ali.  The renter, Polina and I spoke on Sunday. We seemed to hit it off, and I knew exactly where she lived which would make the move so much easier. Polina basically told me she was holding the apartment for me. Thankfully a good friend of mine, Jeremy said he would check out the apartment. I wanted to make sure this was not a scam. That is the last thing I needed now.  I was convinced by the end of Monday, I would have an apartment.  I went to the beach yesterday, and relaxed talking in my Monday thinking happy thoughts of my upcoming move! See the pictures below. It was not the perfect apartment but it was in the neighborhood I wanted.

I got home around 7pm, and checked my email. I found a Facebook message from Jeremy saying Polina canceled, and she would get contact with me. I checked my hotmail to find an email from Polina saying this:


i have to apologize, but we have to cancel the whole thing. I am under a lot of pressure with cd promo, radio promo etc. and my japanese company kindly agreed to postpond tour for a few months so i wont sublet it now.

thanks and im very sorry,


I was in shock, and annoyed. How could this be?! I responded with this:

So you won't be going away at all now? This is very unfortunate. I was really hoping this worked out, and would have sent you a check today. Please let know if anything changes.

Thank you-

She finally said this:

yes, staying in LA until december...

but email me when you are in town and i will be happy to hang out and show you the city.


That was it. My dream apartment was not happening until Dec ember. By that time I will be settled in my new city, and loving it! I was pissed. I knew this sounded ay to be good to be true, nothing is ever that easy for me. Once again, that was the case.  While Polina was nice, and offered to show me around the city when I arrive, I don’t need a friend now. I need a place to live!

As they say back to the drawing board.  I am thankful this happened now, and not 8/13. While this is annoying, I still have 33 days to find a place to live! Keep your fingers crossed something comes across in a safe neighborhood!