I will be back in the NY area in 16 days. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. By the time I head back east I will have lived in LA for 4 months.  I really am happy here. I feel like everything seems to falling into place between my fabulous apartment, friends, and loving LA. Everything is great. I am very happy I finally made the move. It’s funny how in a little amount of time I know this was a great move for me.  I was freaking out when I landed, wondering what the heck I did. It only took me a few weeks to realize, change my life for the better. While I miss my friends, and family I feel at home here. I always knew this was where I wanted to be. It just took a little while to get here.

I have a lot to do in NY. I need to finish selling my stuff in my apartment including my bed, frame, entertainment center, kitchen table and other odds and ends. I need to clean the apartment to hand in my keys to the management company. I need to see all my awesome NY friends as well as my NJ friends. I am looking forward to finally meeting the newest addition to my friends family, little Brendan. I am so excited to see everyone! I hope seeing everyone doesn’t make me miss them more when I come back to my new life in LA.  I am equally excited to get some home cooking!!