Yesterday I had my one week anniversary living in Los Angeles. This has been one interesting week.

I had the most amazing going away party I could have asked for. All my friends came, some came all the way from NJ.  I should say nearly all of my friends. One friend, I thought a good friend, didn’t come, and has yet to contact me about it, even after I emailed to check to make sure everything is ok. I have not heard anything. I am not sure what is going on there.

After 5 hours on the nosiest flight I have ever been on we landed safely in LAX. I started to FREAK OUT. I was wondering what the heck I was doing. I just uprooted my entire life. I was having second thoughts. I had thought about getting on a flight back to NYC. I called Jen, and she calmed me down. All I could think was I have to start over. What did I just do? Arg. I took a deep breath, and hopped for the best. Jen, I think, felt a little better that I FREKED OUT a little bit. She didn’t understand how I could be so calm. I kept telling her it felt right, and it did. That was until I landed.

Ali was so good during the flight. I only heard her cry a few times, but no one else did since there were so many babies crying. We de-planed, and quickly went to the baggage claim. I hate checking bags but I didn’t have a choice. Of course, my suitcases were the last bags to come out. I was horrified at the thought that my entire life’s worth of summer clothes was gone. I started to FREAK OUT at the thought of literally having nothing but my cat, my laptop, and camera. Thankfully that was not the case. My bags came out, and everything was fine. Jeremy had been waiting for me at the airport. I felt horrible he had waited so long, almost an hour since my bags took so long! It took forever to get to my apartment, but that is because I distracted Jeremy with my wittiness, and he got lost. We ended up in Englewood which from what I saw was not the best neighborhood, but I was eager to see a drive by shooting. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) that didn’t happen.

We finally arrived at my apartment after an hour of driving. I am not sure how I feel about driving in LA if even Jeremy gets lost, and he has lived here his entire life! Way to sell driving to me! We dropped off my stuff, and plugged in the fridge. Jeremy thought it was strange the fridge didn’t make a noise right away. Without hesitation, I said it’s fine. It’s getting cold, I feel it. Ok I am not an expert in plugging refrigerators in. I will happily admit that, so don’t ask why I thought I knew what the heck I was talking about. 

Then we went to lunch.  I was over tired, and delirious when, the waitress said Hi, my name is Jennifer. I, without hesitation, said Hi I am Pamela. Jennifer made this face of what the heck just happened. I began laughing harder then I have ever laughed in my entire life. I think I was so eager to meet new people I was ready to introduce myself to any and everybody. I think in the process I embarrassed Jeremy.  After a delightful lunch of laughs, and feeding the birds (thanks to Jeremy) we drove back to my apartment which was a block away. Only in LA kids, only in LA! 

Jeremy dropped me off and headed to his apartment, when I tried to plug in my charger. I realized the power was not on. I didn’t have electricity!!!! That would explain why the refrigerator was so quite. It was not on! I never thought of the electric. In all my other apartments it has always been on, so why would I think I needed to worry about it. I guess it’s a CA thing.  Jeremy was shocked by this, and agreed to come get me so I can stay over his apartment. I would have been fine in my apartment but I had nothing, not even a candle.

While I was waiting for Jeremy to come get me, I got a text from Polina welcoming me to the building. She invited me over to meet, and brought me rice crispy treats, and a welcome mat. I really thought that was so nice after all she put me through. I guess she is a nice person after all. She helped me call the power company. They would not be able to put the power on until Monday morning. I would be powerless for 48 hours!!! I was not happy. Everything I have runs on power including my phone! Argh! Thankfully I would be staying at Jeremy’s apartment and could charge everything.  I spent the night, charged everything and came back to my apartment early Sunday. I wanted to get settled and make sure Ali was adjusting ok. I was ready to start my new life.

After 48 hours, the power was turned on Monday around noon. I was a human again. I felt like I was stuck in the 1900. It really made me realize how much we depend on power!  I am so happy to be in a electric world again.