Since living in Los Angeles, I have been texting a lot more than I had before, most likely do to my new phone plan. I am a full supporter of bringing back vocal communication, and do my best to call people.

My biggest pet peeve right now, is when you CALL someone and they text you back. If you wanted to have a text conversation, I would have texted you to begin with. I took the time to call you, to speak to you, please give me the common courtesy, and return my call. Please do not text me back. There is a very good chance I wanted to speak to you about something not easily communicated through text messaging. Please take the time of out your busy day, and return my call. Please do not use text messaging to avoid me thinking if we text I won’t find out what is going on. I am smarter than that. Man up.

My second biggest pet peeve right now, is when your calls and text messages are not turned at all. Once again I took the time out of my day to call you either back, to check in or ask you a question, please call me back in a timely manner. Clearly there was a reason I wanted to get in touch with you. While I do understand, phone calls can take more time then texting, please give me the courtesy of returning my call.

Since texting has become the lazy man’s way of communicating, when you get a text message, please respond in a timely manner. We all know texting takes all of 5 minutes. Please do not leave me hanging for hours.  I would also like to get on with my day, and figure things out.

Thank you in advance doing your best to improve.