I am still looking for a job. I am doing my best to be positive. I am doing my best not to be stressed. I am beyond depression. Why be depressed? I am making the most of the situation, and know I will have a job sooner than later. Tomorrow April 12, Congress decides if there is going to be another extension on unemployment. I am not counting on anything. I am hoping for the best, but expecting not to have another extension. I hope to hear about the job I went on 3 interviews this week. I am being positive things are happening, slowly but they are happening.

I need to remind myself while not having any income is very scary and stressful I can handle this. I will make it work. I will figure out how to pay my rent, my bills, eat, and get by with little income. Hopefully I will find a full time job, but if not I am very open to doing odds and end jobs or retail. I am hoping retail doesn’t happen but I am staying positive and open to all avenues in order to get by.

This situation will work out, and I will learn from it. It can only make me stronger. I will be ok. I have my health, great friends, a fabulous boyfriend, and overall happiness. Money and a job will come. I hope sooner than later. Please cross fingers, toes, eyes, back hairs anything that can be crossed so I get a full time job soon.