This weekend has been rough. I have been  sad on and off. I miss Ali more this weekend than I have in awhile. I am even missing my ex-boyfriend. I am trying to find myself again in my new city. I am starting over again.  I am so lonely, and questing coming here. I know, or hope this feeling is temporary.

I need to make an effort to make friends. I need to get out and be social, but all I want to do is sleep and be in my apartment. I need to fight this feeling but it’s so hard.

I am doing my best to stay busy with work. I am going to networking events, lunches, breakfasts, meetings, and traveling. I know for now being busy is best. I have stopped parting in order to feel my feelings. I can’t hind how I am feeling anymore. I have to face it, and deal with things.  I am doing my best to deal with my feelings now. This weekend was challenging since I was not busy at all. I was home, thinking, about how fast things changed, where I would be if things had not changed. I know I am better off. I am happier most days. I need to remember those happy days when I am feeling down.

All I can do is hope tomorrow is easier. I am sure it will be since I will at work, with no time to think about my life. Whoever thought I would be happy to be at work? Certainly not me.