I started looking on Craig’s List for apartments on Saturday. I found a few cute ones, some with roommates, some furnished. They were all just ok. That was until I saw a listing for a one bedroom apartment with a pool in West Hollywood! I knew the moment I saw the ad this was it. I have never acted so fast in my life. I called the on-site manager, Brandon. If that was not a sign, I don’t know what was!  I was the first to see the apartment. I looked at it, 30 seconds later I said I will take it. I didn’t even know if I could get out of my lease yet, but this apartment needed to be mine. After praying all weekend, I found out early today I got the apartment.  Around the same time today, I got a call from Connie, the manager of my current apartment. She told me Mr. Simon read my letter, and will let me out of my lease with my full deposit back!

Tomorrow I have 2 interviews, plus I am signing the new lease!  It seems like things are finally turning around.