Last week I went to happy hour the night of my birthday. The bartender knew it was my birthday, and proceeded to give us shots mostly tequila. Needless to say I was a little buzzed, and rightfully so since it was my birthday!

I went out with my friend to keep her company while she smoked. In a blink of an eye, literally, I see Justin Long slip into the doorway where we were standing. I know he was trying to be nonchalant, but that is not an option when around a star stuck buzzed birthday girl. For some of you who don’t really know me, I love entertainment, love stars, and have always wanted to work for an entertainment magazine or TV show. I normally can control myself and act somewhat cool, but buzzed birthday girl cannot!

Without thinking I say, “Justin Long. Are you Justin Long?”


“I love your work. You are so funny, and down to earth. I really love the movies you have been in, plus the Mac guy –Fabulous.” Being buzzed birthday girl I stupidly proceed, and say “I can name three movies you have been in.”

“That is not necessary.”

I told him it was my birthday, and of course he wished me a happy one and agreed to take a picture with me. My friend was chatting away preoccupied to take the picture so Justin Long took it.

This encounter was a fabulous way to start my birthday year. I was so excited.

When I was returning home from my last trip to LA, I saw Penn Badgley (from Gossip Girl) in LAX arriving from NY. I was eating lunch, took 2 bites, threw it away and proceed to walk quickly to meet him. I got a blurry snapshot of him. Properly lucky for him and I guess myself he got away. 

These encounters made me realize when I am living in LA, I need to be more relaxed about seeing celebrities. I am sure I will see them all the time, while it will be very exciting for me, I need to be chill about it.

For my sake I hope this excitement never ends. That will only mean I have accepted reality.

For all the people who will be my friends in LA, I apologize in advance for any embarrassing I may cause you.