Whit, myself and Amy at a picnic in April

I am a warm weather person. I have always loved the summer, the warm rays on my skin, love the sun. I love every aspect of summer.

It is June 17th, and it’s to cold for me to sit outside and write. It should be in the high 70’s low 80’s by now! The weather has been so funky lately. Seriously 8 out of 10 days it rains, and the days it’s not raining it’s in the 60’s. Where is the warm weather I wait all year for? I thought we would have a warm summer after we hit the 90’s in April. That heat wave was so delightful. I miss those days of the warm sun. It was such a tease. I am so ready to go to the beach, wear bathing suits (maybe not so much), picnic, rollerblade, go to gardens, bike ride, and outdoor movies. I am ready to enjoy my summer!!!! Yes, I am aware it is only June but I am ready for my summer.

I would like to write to Mother Nature. If I did it would go something like this,

Dearest Mother Nature,  

Please be kind to us Northeasterners, bring on the summer we wait all year for! After one of the coldest winters I can remember, we need to warm up. We have earned it. Please don’t fail us!

Very kindly,

Lately, I have been having my doubts about LA, but this weather is making me wish I was there right now.