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Bachelorette Party

Posted by Pamela on Saturday, July 28, 2012, In : wedding madness 

I am on a plane, heading to NJ for my bachelorette party! I don’t know what is planned, or who will be there but I am excited. I didn’t think I would be, but I am. I can’t believe I am the bride. I am the bachelorette.  I am the one getting married.  For many many years I said I would not get married, I liked living my life alone. How can I be so certain of something, and then it all changed?  How could I have ever thought a life alone would be a good idea? Or fun? I thought, I could d...

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Pamela and (Anthony)’s Inaugural Valentine’s Day

Posted by Pamela on Friday, March 5, 2010, In : I love LA! 

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