Our juicy turkey right before we ate it

Thanksgiving has always been my least favorite holiday since I was a child. It was never a holiday I ever looked forward to, either because I had to decide between spending it with my mom and dad or going to a random’s house since we have very little family. I have always disliked the holiday. This year was different. For the first time I can I ever remember, I had a great Thanksgiving! I would say the best Thanksgiving I could ever remember. I was nervous about the holiday since I was away from NJ, but figured how much worse could it be? My Thanksgivings have always sucked. There was no way this year could be any worse. As long as I didn’t end up at the bar alone, depressed, it was a good holiday. By gosh darn, it was a fabulous holiday!

The longer I am in LA the more things are just falling into place so perfectly. I am dating a fabulous guy, (to know me, I didn’t ever date in NY, so dating someone is shocking in itself), learning a lot about myself, and growing (I hope) into a better more active person.

Thanksgiving the guy I am dating and I cooked a full Thanksgiving meal beginning with pumpkin pancakes and ending the day with Oreo truffles.  We made an amazing, mouth watering turkey, sides that where out o f this world. The best mash potatoes I have ever had. We cooked all day, and night literally. We didn’t sit down to eat until 2:30am to the most fabulous meal ever. We went into the day very relaxed, and took our time to make sure everything was right. While it took hours to get done, some points where stressful, and painful, we had the most amazing meal you can imagine. We did it ourselves. I was so proud of us!

I am so thankful for so many things, mostly for transiting so well to my new home. I am so happy I finally am living my dream! 

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as awesome as mine!