I am sure you are all wondering what the details of The Plan are. Here is a summary of The Plan:

Before I move- I will set up interviews with temp agencies, and head hunters for the first week I am out there. Then I hope to find a furnished sublet for a short period of time. That way I can figure things out especially if I want to come back to New York.

Move date- The official move date will be July 1st. Once I move to LA, I will find a cheap used car. 

My NYC apt- I will be subletting my furnished apartment to my friend who is moving back to NY from Chicago. My new lease will be for renewal this summer. I have until October to decide if I want to keep the apartment or fully move to LA. If I want to stay in LA at the end of Dec, I will come back NY to break up my apartment.

Ali (my cat)- I will bring Ali to the vent in June and find out what is best way to bring her to LA. I hope they say she will be fine to fly if they sedate her.

Stuff- I plan on bringing 2-3 large suitcases, and Ali when I fly out to July 1st. I will ship anything else I need.