I have lived in my Melrose Place apartment since for almost 6 months. About 2 months after living in my new fabulous apartment, wearing my killer high heel boots, I was startled by banging in the apartment below me. I have lived in many apartments in my life, always above people. I have never experienced anything like this banging before. I quickly realized the person was banging because of my killer boots. I took them off quickly and didn’t my best not to wear shoes around the apartment.

A few weeks later, I received a phone call from the manager, Brandon. The person below had been complaining about my heavy walking.  Brandon said the guy who lives below me is very nice, and had never complained before in the 6 years he had managed this building. The man below me said my walking is so loud; he wakes up in the middle of the night from my heavy walking. The man claims I walk around my apartment all hours of the evening. I walk very hard so it wakes him from a deep sleep making it impossible for him to get back to sleep.  To be honest, I was a little taken back by these complaints. First I don’t walk around my apartment all the time. Second, I had just gotten back from not being in my apartment for almost 2 weeks. How could there have been “heavy walking” if I was not there? Could it have been my adorable 8 pound Ali?

Brandon kept insisting he is a very nice man who has lived here for over 6 years, and had never complained before about anyone.  I of course, find it hard to believe I am the only one he has ever complained about, but I am leaning towards agreeing with the manager. Why would he lie to me?

I apologize profusely. I told him I will make every effort to walk lighter, put my shoes on right before I leave and not drop things. (I am such a klutz, can’t help the dropsys). I had been making every effort imaginable. The man below kept banging. The banging was becoming uncontrollable. I started to feel jumpy, and unsettled in my own apartment. I kept waiting for him to bang. A few weeks later Brandon called again. The man kept calling Brandon to complain. The man said if things don’t improve he is going to send a letter to management. I started to FREAK OUT! All I was doing was walking. I apologized to Brandon for having to deal with his, and told him I am making every effort imaginable to walk softer. I told him I have lived above many people in my life and have never had this problem before. I told him I am not sure what else I can do to rectify the situation but I was willing to do so. Brandon told me he had been through the same situation when he first moved here. I just needed to walk softer and make a conscious effort to be quieter.  

Every since these phone calls I have been making every effort to be quieter in my apartment. I am very aware of my walking. I know my building is old and the floor squeaks when I walk.

The phone calls from Brandon stopped, the banging didn’t but now there were also visits from the man below me.  I had been imagining the man below to be an older gentleman who walked with a cane that he used to bang the ceiling.  I was so wrong. The man was about 6’4, and my age. I was shocked to see how young he was. I would have thought a young man would be more understanding, but not this one!  The man came to my door trying to intimidate me. I refused to apologize, and stood my ground. The man told me all he hears is thumping, and it’s impossible to study with that thumping all the time.  I told him I am making every effort to walk softer, but there is so much I can do. I told him I can’t walk on the ceiling. Finally he left. 

I was starting to feel like I could not move in my own apartment. The banging continued, and soon I had another visit. This time the man threatened me telling me saying management told him if he complains one more time I will be evicted. I found this hard to believe but was nearly impossible to control myself and not FREAK OUT! I love my Melrose Place apartment. I don’t want to move! I made some calls to friends who have lived in LA for awhile or own properties. I found out I cannot be evicted for walking. I need real noise complaints. Someone suggested I get a restraining order against the man downstairs, and to make sure I make all my complaints about him to management in writing. I decided the restraining order was a little much for right now, but would email management.

I sent management this email.


I am sure by now you are aware of the issues of the noise from my apartment to the apartment below me, number 3.   I have been living in apartments for over 5 years; always have been the top floor. I was shocked to hear about the noise complaints, and did my best to make an effort to improve the situation quickly. As soon as the manager of the complex, Brandon told me about the problem I have made various changes in my walking patterns throughout the apartment by doing my best to walk softer, putting my shoes on by the door, and not dropping things. Although, I know I have made a diligent effort to walk as soft as I can, I need to be able to live my life, in a normal manner.  The occupant in apartment 3 has banged the ceiling at least 10 times over the course of 3 months. The banging is startling, disrespectful, discourteous, and plane annoying. While the walking could be annoying to him, the banging is out of control. I am getting to the point where I am uncomfortable to move in my own apartment.

On at least three occasions  January 5th,  February 4th, and February 18th the occupant of apartment 3 came up to my door to complain about the noise. Two out of the three times, I was about to leave my apartment, and my shoes were on. The occupant has asked me to walk softer, and not put my shoes on while in the apartment.  I am not about to put my shoes on outside to appease the occupant of apartment 3. While I do understand where he is coming from, I am making an effort to walk softer. There is no need for him to come up to my apartment to tell me he can hear me walking. I feel harassed by the occupant. I feel as though he is trying to scare me to stop walking around my apartment.  I do not feel safe having this gentleman coming up to my door, harassing me about my walking. I know the walls in these buildings are very thin. I am now very aware of this, and do my best not to make a lot of noise. From now on, I will not be opening my door for the occupant of apartment 3. I am a single female, living alone and do not feel safe having a gentleman knocking on my door harassing me.  If the occupant, has anything to say to me, please ask him to go directly through Brandon, as I feel I am being harassed by him.

I am constantly in a nervous, jumpy state since the banging and knocking began. I know I am new to this building, but I have always paid my rent on time. I love living here, and would love nothing more than this situation to improve. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on how that can happen besides walking softer. 

Please respond to confirm this email has been received.

Thank you-


Thankfully I have not heard a bang, or had a visit from the man below me in about 2 weeks. I hope the email to management has rectified the situation and I can live and peace in my awesome apartment.