My father and I have an unusual relationship. He thinks we get along famously, and I beg to differ. I do my best to avoid the situation but now that I am moving I need to see/speak him more often.

We spoke last night. I thought it would be a quick conversation. I should know by now nothing with my father is ever quick. We were on the phone for nearly an hour. I tried about 5 times to get off the phone with him. He always has something else to say.

He asked me something about my mom. I said I don’t know I have not spoke to her in a week since I told her the plan for LA. He was in shock, and said I thought you were getting along better. Well we get along amazingly when I do exactly what she wants me to do.  I am not about to let my dream go because she wants me to stay in NY to be closer to her. While I understand her side I can not in good conscious stay here for her.

My father reminded me how much I have always wanted to move to LA. He told me I started to talk about moving to LA as soon as I was able to speak. I used to say I was going to move out to West Hollywood, and move in with my Bubie (grandma) which was right next door to my aunt. After Bubie passed away I said I would live with my Aunt Gussie. As he said that to me I remembered how much I used to talk about my future to move LA. I always wanted to be closer to my grandmother, and my aunt.

He told me I need to pursue this dream so I don’t have any regrets. While he insists he won’t see me anymore when I move (not that he seems me much here), he still thinks it’s a great opportunity for me. My father went on to say that my true happiness could be in LA. How could I stay here, and hope my life will fall into place when I have been dreaming about this move my entire life? He is right! That is exactly what I have been saying. Talking to him made me realize I need to do this move despite how my mom is making me feel.

A time like this makes me realize how supportive my father is of me and anything I do. The more my mom acts crazy, the more she pushes me away and into the “arms” of my father, which I know she hates.

While we don’t always get along, I can always count on him for support, which is really nice especially in times like this.