Since the ordeal with Polina, I have been deep into finding a place to live in Los Angeles. So far, nothing solid but I am confident something will come through. It has to, right? I am doing my best to be positive!

I am looking on Craig’s List and other sites. Ideally, I am looking in West Hollywood; if not there the beach is my second choice. I am looking to live alone. I have lived alone for the past 3 years, going back to having roommates will be very hard. But I will do what I have to do to get a place solidified.  I have been responding to ads with this friendly email about myself plus a picture of myself so the reader will know I am normal!

I saw your ad on Craig's list. I am very interested to learn more. I am relocating to LA from NYC 8/15.I have always loved LA, and decided I am going to finally see how it is to live in my fav city. I won't be in LA until the 15th of Aug, but I do have a very good friend who is willing to look at apartments for me. If you have Skpe we can speak that way, and be face to face (if you have a webcam). I am also on facebook.

I am 30, a marketer/writer who runs a bartending service in NYC ( and hope to start a chapter in LA when I move. Is the apartment furnished? I am so excited to learn more.

I love this area! Can you send me pictures?

Attached you will find my picture so you can see I am normal.


Any thoughts on how to improve the search? I am open to any help I can get!