This past weekend I went home to New Jersey to spend the weekend with my mom against her will. It was mother’s day! How could I not have gone home to spend time with her?

My mom and I had not spoke since the emails regarding the LA move, expect for short one word emails. I was a little concerned with being home for an entire weekend with her. My mom is not one to hold back her feelings about anything, especially her disdain for something I am doing. I really didn’t want a weekend of screaming!

I told my mom she didn’t need to pick me up at the bus. I could walk home. It was supposed to rain so she insisted she would pick me up. I agreed. I was not about to walk home in the rain. I got off the bus. My mom was waiting for me, it was like nothing had happened. I knew the tides were turning. The normal mom questions followed: How was the ride? Did you eat? I held back a little, was she kidding me?!

When my mom is attempting to get back on my good side we go shopping, and shopping we did. After getting our nails done for Mother’s Day we headed straight to the mall. We spent a delightful day of trying on clothes, and shoes. We ended the day with dinner at Salt Creek Grill in Rumson. The next day was Mother’s Day and we spent in Allentown, PA doing more shopping.

I was completely avoiding bringing up LA, and moving. I didn’t want to deal with it face to face. Soon after getting home, she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said I don’t know. She answered herself, and said well you don’t know what you need yet. I soon realized talking about LA was fine. We talked about it here and there with no stress, or anxiety, just acceptance.

At some point, I was talking to my mom about getting a car and insurance in LA. She said I will make a call for you about the insurance. (My mom is in insurance and has many contacts.) I could not believe that she would be willing to help me when she kept insisting this was my INDEPENDENT journey and must do it solo. I hoped she would turn around, and she did! The tide has turned for the good. There is acceptance, finally.

By the end of the weekend I was joking around with my mom about the space in the closets in my room. I said my clothes will fit here, and what about the hall closet. All you have is 2 coats in there. I can’t put my winter coats in there. She responded laughing, and said, you know I don’t like cutter. I said since when is clutter 5 coats! She laughed, and now I am able to bring my some clothes home! Victory!!!

Now onto the next mission . . . the cat!